Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Comet 17P-

I went out again last night to see what I could find and all I saw was RAIN! so much for clear skies through the weekend! This may be as much as I see of this comet. It certainly is a pretty sight on the screen though!

I finally have my house in some semblance of order. All the rugs were washed, and the floors vaccumed, and everything put away. I even had all the dishes done! Now for most of you this may be an everyday thing, and wonder what the Big Deal is? Well I am NOT one to spend a lot of time on housework. FOr one thing, it HURTS! when I push that Vaccum, my back hurts like hell. I did it though. I used my office chair, and just scooted around on it and pushed the Vac ahead of me. Worked like a champ.

I even vac'ed the bedroom and office! I washed the bathroom rugs and cleaned the crap off the DR table. WHOOT! I went to bed knowing that if I died that night, the paramedics would not be afraid to come in and drag me out. Even the catbox was clean!

I woke up in the middle of the night to weird sounds coming from the front of the house, and determined that it was a cat batting around a toy. I went back to sleep. When I woke up again to use the bathroom, I turned on the light and screamed! ARRRRRRGGGHH!!!! Schroeder, the little SHIT, had opened the new pkg of toilet paper, and literally killed a roll of fresh TP! It was torn into little bitty pieces all over my bedroom and bathroom. SO much for clean house.

I headed into the LR where I left the Vacuum, and screamed again. He had found the trash sack that I have sitting beside my recliner, for yarn bits, and coke cans and used kleenex etc, and It too was scattered all over the LR! I know it was him, because he was asleep INSIDE the paper sack! ANYBODY WANT A HALF GROWN KITTEN?

I forgot about the trash sack. ANd I forgot to put the TP in the closet. SO I guess it really is MY fault! I am sure Schroeder thinks so...

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