Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Morning

The past two mornings have been absolutely gorgeous! THe sun breaks over the tops of the alders out back around 830AM. Sunday Morning I woke up and it felt so good coming in my window that I just lay there 1/2 asleep and soaked up the sun!

This morning, I woke up around 700, I think. All I know is I saw the moon and venus right out the window like they were painted in the dark blue pre-dawn sky! (Yes Jim Bob, I KNOW that the phase is incorrect, it should be a waning crescent not a waxing one.)I lay there and watched it until it started to get light, then I went back to sleep and woke up again to the sun beating on my face.

I Love to lay there all comfy, under the electric blanket, with the cold clean air coming in the window, and the sun beating on my face. Suddenly the sun went behind a cloud. I cracked my eye open to see why, as I did not notice any clouds before, and came face to ass with 2 cat butts, sitting in the window soaking up the sun! So much for morning pleasantries!

I have gone out the past few nights around midnight to see if I can catch sight of the comet that is going by, but so far I cant see it. It was just to the NE of Pleaides Sunday night, but I could not find it. THe news said that it was the brightest comet in centuries. I find that hard to believe, as I saw one about 10 years ago that was pretty bright. Fuzzy but bright.

I went swimming tonight, and even the water in the pool was cold! BRRRR....On the way home, the fog was forming down low in the swales and valleys, but the sky up where I live (around 250 feet up) is crystal clear.

Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get the lawn mower started, and hopefully mow down a spot in the back yard for Sadie to use! I dont think she likes her little ass getting tickled by the tall grass. I am such a good mommie sometimes.

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