Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Not ready for this.... :(

Ok, Crisis averted.

Donna you already know, but here is the full story. Mike went in for surgery this afternoon to have his port changed from his neck into his chest. Just as he was being returned to the ward, he quit breathing, turned blue and then purple and they were having a real difficult time keeping him breathing. They moved him to ICU and were working on him and he threw up and then aspirated some of it into his lungs. They took x-rays and there is something in there, but they are not sure (at Least Sherry was not sure ) whether it was vomitus or cancer. All of this happened right at 6:00, so Sherry called Phyllis who called me and we all met at the ICU. I just got home,(11:00) and Mike is sleeping now, which is a good sign, HOWEVER, this could turn into pneumonia at any time, and that will be bad.

Galen got here in time to give Mike a massage, and watch him go to sleep, so then we all discussed what Sherry should do if he crashes again. She did not know what to do. SO You know me, Big Mouth, I said as Oldest member of the family I suggest a no-resuscitate order from here on in, especially if they cannot guarantee that he will have any better quality of life than he has had this week. Phyllis agreed with me and Sherry started crying and said she felt guilty for thinking that way. We assured her that there was absolutely NO GUILT at all, and that was the way he was raised.

So now we are all at home waiting for morning to see what happens next. Keep him in your prayers, thoughts whatever. I hope he goes soon, and peacefully.


Rain said...

So sorry to hear this but you are right with what you said. It's what I would want. We all have to go sometime and we are never ready to see those we love go; but suffering is worse for them. I wish I had words that would help but I don't think any real can. *sending a cyber hug*

Sally said...

(((HUGS and prayers)))

Brenda said...

Oh Miz Mary lou, I'm so sorry your family is suffering so. Please add my prayers too.

I think having to sign DNR for my Mom was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but she was suffering so and it would have been so unfair to her if we hadn't.

Dick said...

You and your family will have my prayers, too. Pneumonia is what Annie actually died from and at least it is an easy, peaceful way to go. But it is sure hard on the survivors.