Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

For the first time in our family's history, we had Christmas eve dinner away from Home!  Tim and Mistie wanted to do Christmas Eve at their house in Lynden, which is 75 miles away, sop it was literally over the river and through the woods and over the bridges, and up the interstate to Timmy's house we went.

They had Victoria and Owen up for the holiday, and they had no room in their truck for three adults, and 2 babies in car seats!  We all piled into our respective cars and went on up!

Mistie went over board and cooked a huge Turkey, stuffing, potato salad, and rolls.  She also brought in her Guamanian traditions, and we all sat around and rolled Lumpia!  she also made red rice.  Her Dad is Guamanian, and that part of her heritage was celebrated.  I brought candied Yams and Cranberry sauce,  and then we all sat down to feast!  and feast we did!  Owen did not have a high chair, but he sat on the bench between Tim and Donna, and chewed the heck out of a lumpia!

Patrick was such a good baby and slept or laid there quietly while his mommie got to enjoy her meal.

After Dinner it was gift time.  So we all went into the livingroom and opened the gift exchange presents.  Owen, who is 14 months old was not really sure what all the fuss was about, but once the paper and ribbon hit the floor, he was ALL INTO THAT!  He had a ball playing twith the ribbobs and paper and boxes.  THEN he discovered his first gift!  OH MY! I had gotten him the Fisher Price Airplane and he really had fun playing eith that and the Playskool little people.  He took them over to share them with Patrick and lined all the toys up on his baby bouncer.  It was so heartwearming watching my Grandson and my Great Grandson playing under the tree.  (I have to footnote this and say that Owen is really my son's stepdaughter's SOn, so technically his my GREAT grandson, and is 1 year older than his uncle Patrick, my GRAND SON!)  I know...hard to keep up...but you know these modern families anymore!

We all had a really great time, but had to leave early so I could get Sherry back home in time for Her Church services.

Christmas Day was at my house for those that could make it.  I cooked Prime Rib, and Baked potatoes, and it was all really low-key.  Such a nice Christmas!  ;)


Anji said...

Sounds and looks like a good time was had by all! I didn't know what Lumpia was, I looked it up and all the pictures of it on Google have made me hungry!

Who knitted the hats?

I hope that you and Phyllis and all of your fast growing family have a Happy 2012

Sally said...

Awww, so glad you all had such a nice Christmas together! Ain't it great to be a grandma and great-grandma. I was sitting here banging my head on the wall trying to figure out who was uncle and who was nephew. DUH!!! Uncle Patrick!!! :)

Happy New Year!!

Dick said...

That sounds like about a perfect Christmas holiday. As we celebrate it, it really is mostly for the children but we adults sure enjoy watching them. Isn't it amazing how much sheer fun a baby can have with some of those simple Fisher Price toys?