Wednesday, January 04, 2012

More Patrick....

Big dimple smile!

Too much Turkey...sleepy now!


Anji said...

At last a smile! He looks like someone just told him a dirty joke.

He's lovely. I bet you hate leaving him with his mum and dad.

Sally said...

Such a cute, happy boy. That first picture; is is just me or does he look a lot like Tim?

Mary Lou said...

It is not just you Sally, I think he looks like Tim somewhat, but he really has his Mom's eyes. Even though his Mom insists that he looks like me. I do not see that.

ANd yes Anji It kills me to leave him every time I do. We are only 75 miles away, but it is a rough 75 miles, so I cant get there very often. about once every two weeks. And big changes happen between visits.

I also have to leave before dark, and at this time of year that makes for a very short visit! Once summer gets here and we have 18 hours of sunlight, then I can stay longer! :)

advinsteven said...

How cute actually that baby pictures is really cute, Thumbs up.....!

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