Friday, December 16, 2011

Patrick 7 weeks old!

 Oh Will you tell that old lady to leave me alone!  I dont want my picture taken!
 Ok, But I am not gonna smile!
 Have I got a surprise for YOU!
 All snuggly in my little rocker.

 Daddy Love!  This is my favorite picture!

 He is a little CHUNK!  7 weeks old and already about 12 lbs!

ALMOST a smile!


Sally said...

Mary Lou, he is absolutely precious! Ain't it great being a granny? I know you are tickled, well, blue!! :)

Anji said...

He's really lovely! Hope you manage to capture that first smile - soon!

Brenda said...

He is just so totally precious Miz Mary lou! I just love those cheeks, perfect for snuggles and shugahs.

cassie-b - carol scott said...

awwww! What a cutie.