Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I can't really say we have had a bad winter, because we haven't. It has been one of the warmest. driest on record. The snowpack is very low, below normal, which means that there will be a water shortage this summer. We don't run out of water, but our rivers get lower, and our reservoirs behind our dams get really low, and we can not generate enough electricity to sell to California. (oh DARN!) If you watched the Olympics in Canada last month, you saw how very mild our weather is right now.

Well Hang on! the weather reports have a possibility of SNOW in the next few days. Not at all unusual for this time of year, but the record COLD temperatures are. THe tulips in the Skagit Valley are blooming a whole month early, the fruit trees are all in bloom, the bees are buzzing, and as I have said before, i have mowed my yard three times already this year. The cold will hurt the blossoms on the fruit trees and even though they are loaded with buds, They may not produce fruit if they are frozen in their infancy.

My roses that I just planted, already have new tender shoots on them, and those too will freeze if I dont cover them.

We are a week or so away from SPRING, and have not yet had a WINTER. So I guess we are going to have a SPRINTER or maybe a WING? El Nino is giving up and we are in the middle of a new phenomenon called ( Well, I read it last week, and now I can't find out where I read it, so I can't remember what it is called. Anyway it is between el Nino and La Nina, and affects the weather in the Pacific. Hard to say what we have next.

I wish I had paid more attention to science when I was in school, as I really get into the geo sciences! I love geology, climatology, and earth sciences. It is just awe-inspiring to me, to watch things happen, to walk along a beach and see where the cliffs have fallen away, and realize that I am the first human to EVER see that particular ROCK!

Ah...I digress. I really need to get my taxes done, so I had better stop and go visit!


Anji said...

The weather is giving everyone the run around at the moment. We have a cold North Easterly wind which is making everyone's life a misery. Normally at this time of the year we're watching the first sunbathers and swimmers down in Nice and Cannes on the news. Nothing this year

Granny Annie said...

Our weather has been totally out of kilter this year. I just hope we will have some tall grass soon for the guinea fowl to hide their eggs.

cassie-b said...

What a weird winter. We had record snows here in Pennsylvania. I hope your roses survive.

Mary Lou said...

KB!!! I deleted You!! Im SORRY!! Where are you????? come back!

Dick said...

It has been a different winter but very good weather for us in the NW, at least since mid-Dec. The Seattle TV news a couple of nights ago said the freezing temps expected there over night would be the first time the official temp got below freezing this winter. The last time it was so low was Dec 11th and that was before winter started on Dec 21st. Both Jan & Feb set new records for the highest average temp on record and that record goes back to the 1890s.

But, we are going to Leavenworth on the 17th for a couple of days and will be crossing Stevens Pass. I've been looking at the long range weather forecasts and it looks like the temps will be back above freezing in the daytime then so the pass shouldn't be bad. I hope that is right.

Brenda said...

I sure hope your roses and fruit trees make it through the cold snap. It's been the longest, coldest, wettest, Winter here that we've had in a lotta years.

Cynthia Kleppang said...

(I'm so glad you are following me on my new blog!)

I know what you mean about this weather. Last week we had a few minutes of snow, then half an hour later, beautiful abundant sunshine. I just planted five planters full of flowers on my porch step and am thinking I'm going to have to move them to the awning on the workshop to keep them alive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary LU LU. It's me just letting you know I'm moving from the aera. I'm going to miss the great NW. But after 38 yrs here it's time to move on. But don't worry I'll keep in touch. One of this day's maybe you'll figure out who I am. You and I work at the NEX together for 20+ yr's and we retired at the same. We took the money and ran. Have a nice day.