Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poor little Sadie!

My poor little Sadie bug is a wreck! She has been digging at her neck for 4 days now and it is raw and bleeding. It looked like there was a dog bite on her neck and it could have been Rocky, although I am not sure he has the energy to actually clamp down on anything as he is so old. But they do get into it once in awhile. It is usually Sadie's fault. I held her down and looked at her closely and it looked like there may have been a B-B in her neck and her leg. I would not put it past the wicked Witch of the North to do something to her, so I took her into the Vet today.

No B-B! Whew, I would be in jail right now if there was. But the Dr smiled and said, I know it looks bad, but what she has is an extreme reaction to all the pollen in the air right now.


He said that they have been so busy the past two weeks with dogs with exactly the same thing. Well....Shut my mouth!

So she had to have pills. She is on Prednisone and Antibiotics for a week. She will not keep a bandage on, and I can not put a CONE OF SHAME on her either, because it would rest right where the sores are.

I tried to get a pill down her today...PHFFFTTT! no way! so I waited awhile, and went in and cut a piece of Zuccini bread and came in here. Sure enough there she is begging for a bite. I put the Prednisone in it and mushed it up and gave it to her. She sniffed it as if to say "I Know you did something to this". But when I put a piece in my mouth, she swallowed hers. So then I did the same with the Antibiotics. So there are two pieces of bread on the desk, one with the pill one for me.

Guess which one she got?


Anji said...

I'm not sure what a B-B is.

I had to laugh at you getting Sadie's medicine. Reminds me of the joke where the husband takes his wife's birth control pills because he doesn't trust her.

I know that you suffer at this time of the year too, so I hope that both of you are feeling more comfortable soon - whoever is swallowing the pills!

Granny Annie said...

I hope you're not saying you two got the wrong pills! But how badly could a dog's allergy pill hurt a human. Glad your pup is getting the help she needs. We have many packs of stray dogs around our country home (people just dump their unwanted pets) and you have to wonder how will they ever get their allergies treated. When our dog stumbled onto our property four years ago she did not know she was winning the lottery as did your Sadie.

Joan said... didn't? Or is this an April Fools joke?

Mary Lou said...

LOLOL No Joan, I didnt even think about April Fool's Day. But I just wanted something fun to end with. She got the right bite! ;)

Anji. A b-b is a little tiny copper round ball that is shot by an air gun. Most little boys grew up shooting them at targets and trees and squirrels,. Not deadly, but they are dangerous.

Granny Annie, No She got the right bite, It is so sad when you see dumped animals. It is so easy to take them to the animal control center now. And most are not kill-shelters anymore.

Donna said... Funny!!! I needed this...
Happy night girl....

Mary Lou said...


Tilly, Fierce Defender of the Empire said...

Hope the Buggeroo gets better soon. I'll be wiggling my stub for her.

Mary Lou said...

AWWW Thank you sweet tilly! You are the bestest grandpuppy around!

cassie-b said...

I think this allergy in pets is something new - or just went undiagnosed for a long time.
Glad you gave her the pill, not the other piece of zucchini bread. I hope she gets over the allergy.