Sunday, September 14, 2008


You know that state you are in when you are first waking up. The one that says you know what is going on, but your body doesn't move yet? Well I was there yesterday morning. The sun was coming through the window and hitting my face, there was a nice cool breeze coming in the screen, and I was flat on my back soaking it all in. I was aware of Schroeder on the windowsill above my head, and the others were all sound asleep on the bed.

A piliated woodpecker flew by the window making his loud yukyuk yuk call. THat startled Schroeder, who kicked the binoculars off the window sill right smack unto my forehead.I screamed and sat up which caused all of the others to levitate off the bed and scurry to hide. Schroeder was under the bed, and would not come out.

I have a very large bump over my left eye, and it HURTS!! the woodpecker was no where to be found.

damn animals!


Brenda said...

It was an accident mommy, but geez what a way to become alert first thing in the morning.

Tabor said...

Ouch! So sorry. can't live with them and you can't live without them.

CATMOMAJ said...

AWWW...little sweet-ums gave mommy a boo-boo on hers head. Hummm, maybe Santy Claus will brings mommy a helmet for Christmas. heh,heh,heh!!!

Heather said...

Ummm, maybe find a new place to keep the binoculars? I'm just glad it was you forehead and not one of your eyes!

Joan said...

Not too many people are going to believe a story like that even if it's who gets hit by flying binoculars these days:)