Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Official

Last night after swimming, I rushed to the playhouse, for the tailend of the Playday meeting that I was late for. Swimming therapy comes first!

I sat next to Dan, whose Partner Had promised me an Obama Sticker. I leaned over and whispered, "did you bring my bumper sticker?"

He quietly smiles and reaches into his brief case and pulls out the prize.

You are the FIRST, he says, As these JUST came in before we closed the shop. (he volunteers at the Demo hdqtrs)

Everyone at the table then wanted one, but he only had mine.

We immediately went out to the parking lot and made a celebration of removing the BUSH/Cheney 04 sticker from the bumper and replacing it with the bright shiny blue OBAMA sticker.

THen there in the lighted parking lot, standing around the back of my car, everyone applauded and cheered for the removal of my SHAME.

I feel sooo renewed!!


bill/prairie point said...

Yes, we can!

Brenda said...

Lordy but I hope we can!

Rain said...

Wahoo! Our Obama headquarters is temporarily out of that and signs but early in the week more come in :)

omnipotentbenevolentempress said...

Fired up!
Ready to go!

Dick said...

I don't put bumper stickers or signs on my car for anything but I do hope that he will win. It is sounding like it may turn out to be closer than it was earlier expected to be. My main concern with McCain is that much of what has been going on for the last 8 years will continue in about the same way. It hasn't worked.

Tabor said...

Well, this post was certainly an upper for the day!!

jazzi said...

I have to say the more I hear Palin talk, the less I like her, and the concerned I am. I really hadn't make a definite choice until she started talking, but I have to say now I won't be voting for a ticket that include Sarah Palin.

jazzi said...

That would me the MORE concerned I am.

jazzi said...

Oh, for pete's sake. I meant to type "That would be the MORE concerned I am".

Mary Lou said...

That's ok Jazzi...I got it! ;) ANd I was soooo disappointed to see her on the ticket. Broke my heart!