Tuesday, September 09, 2008

WARNING: Rant in progress

Ok, I am working on a rant, so if you are part of the Christian Right you had better close your ears and tiptoe on, because I am sick and TIRED of all this religion crap!

Driving home from swimming last night, I was admiring the sunset and the beauty that the Lord has made in this world, when all of a sudden my favorite ranter (no I do not agree with him a LOT) was saying that Governor Pahlin was calling for all church pastors to tell their congregationshow to vote and how to think!

I hit the roof of the car and screamed!!

I believe in God, and I do it my way and PRIVATELY! I do NOT believe that the church has any business at ALL in my government, or the selection of. I also do not believe that our Government has any right to tell us how to worship. This is a right guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution of The United States. The two should NEVER meet! (ok, ok, I know that it is on our money, and they put their hands on the bible when sworn in. and SO HELP YOU GOD is part of the Oathes of office. BUT to me that is so much more different than a Baptist or a Pentecostal Preacher standing up and telling their congregation that you HAVE to vote for the Republicans because they believe in the right to life.

A woman's body and the treatment of, should only be a concern of that woman, her Doctor and Her God alone! She should not be required to have an unwanted baby, and to tell her that she has to, is WRONG!!!!
On this note, a woman who at the third trimester suddenly decides that she is no longer wanting to be a Mother has waited too long. 1st trimester abortion I fully believe in. 2nd trimester MAYBE, but third trimester is becoming more and more viable, and therefore should not be considered an abortion, but a live birth, and everything should be done to protect that life.

Sarah Pahlin's decision to keep her unborn baby even though she knew it would be born with Down;s syndrome is very very admirable, and I am sure it was not an easy choice to make. BUT it was a choice, and she was lucky to be able to HAVE that choice.

Her using her office as Governor as a soapbox to preach to her local congregation is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!!! Being a Governor who has religious feelings is however a right that she has. I heard that the Republican Party had McCain choose her, so that she would sway the undecided to the GOP side. Well, folks, I was undecided until she was presented. I was absolutely SHOCKED to see what would possibly be the next Vice President, and only 1 heart beat away from running this country.

I have been a McCain supporter for MANY years, I was thrilled with his Maverick ways of thumbing his nose at the established GOP, and his way of crossing the aisle in order to make a point. I was hoping so much that he would choose a VP that would also Thumb their nose at the GOP party. We all know that they need a good shake up. But SHARAH PAHLIN? arrrggghhhh!!! n I was hoping that Joe Leiberman would be his choice or maybe even Colin Powell. ( who was hung out to dry by the Bush administration)

I will admit that she is a tough woman...and I admire her for her grit, but she really needs to leave her Fundamentalist ideals at home, and quit trying to force them down our throats. ANd so does eveyone else that tries it. Leave me ALONE!! let me make my own desicions, and let me worship the way that I want to.

Anybody have a big bumpersticker for OBAMA/Biden that will cover up my Bush/Cheney one? I am so ashamed!!!!

ok, rant over...for now, and I know that I do not do it with as much elequence as RAINY DAY THOUGHTS does but then she is much better at it than I am.


Heather said...

Amen, sistah! As far as I'm concerned, the only subject that should be coming from the pulpits is only anything relating to worshiping God, finding salvation and becoming better Christians... or whatever.

Now if my pastor wanted to make a recommendation OUT of the pulpit, that would be no different than any other special interest group recommendations.

catmomaj said...

Holy catfish, batman....!


Brenda said...

Let em take away some of those non-profit, tax free, rights that the churches hold and their tune would change pretty durn quick when they started preaching the politics. Our constitution stated a separation between church and state for a reason. Right?

Rant on Madam!

Rain said...

Good for you on the rant and you did it just fine. It's hard to understand what has been going on with this country but it seems to be digging itself deeper and deeper into a hole.

Mary Lou said...

Thank You Rain! Not nearly as well as you do though. I get too emotional! You are such a lady about it.

omnipotentbenevolentempress said...

Go Mom GO!

I'll get you that bumper sticker!

(Jazzi's) D said...

Curious, did you hear her speaking out or are you taking the word of this third person? Everyone has reason for speaking out; including this favorite religious personality of yours. How much has he experienced, in what settings, is he operating from fear of what Palin may do or has done? Just a curious mind at work.

And as for separation of church/state, that only works on the official level. For it is impossible to force an elected official to remove the effects of their religious convictions for the execution of their duties. Every law is affected by society's religious views: to what extent is debatable. Even yours, regarding abortion, is a mix of convictions that puts your right of decision as a woman over the fight to life of the unborn child.

Just some observations...you know me, can't keep my mouth shut.

Granny Annie said...

It appears to me that Governor Palin is able to separate church and State. Religious zealots are not my favorite people. I am hearing many rumors about her religious views that cannot be substantiated. Consider the source is always a good rule of thumb and check the facts for yourself.

Mary Lou said...

I SAW a video of her at work in her church. and the man I listen to on the radio is a far right conservative, and he is really laughable at his rants. Ya know talk radio...I listen to several and form my own opinions. MY opinions are MINE alone, and on MY blog, My main concern with her is that she is NOT the best person for the 2nd most powerful position in the world! THere are 100 senators that have a hell of a lot more going for them than she does. And Like I said...she has grit..good for her. But dont tell me that the GOP only wanted her for her right to life views, and to get the undecideds to vote Republican. Like I said, I vote MOSTLY republican, and I would probably haVE DONE SO THIS TIME TOO,(oops, caps on...sorry) but I just could not go with the sell out! broke my heart too.

jazzi said...

If I were sitting in a church and a minister tried to tell me from the pulpit how to vote, I would get up and leave. They aren't there to tell me how choose my president. They are there to help me with worshipping God.
And I don't even trust them to do that, anymore.

Mary Lou said...

Oh i DOOOO hear you Jazzi!! They are becoming so hypocritical!!

Mary Lou said...

Uh Jazzi was that your other half up there?

jazzi said...

Yep, it was. I don't know what he was trying to say. I'll have to ask him. I was a bit confused after reading his comment.