Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am having connection problems again...even on Mozilla, I have application hangs. I am thinking that I may have to just re-format my entire hard drive, but not sure if I can. I have had the hard drive re-partitioned since I bought it, and I think my system recovery disks may not work now. SOOOOOO...

You may hear from me, or you may not!

While I am on right now, let me tell you that last week was busy with PETER PAN stuff, and trying to get the right cast picked. We finally have the cast, but now the music is all wonky, so we may have to re-order another piano score that can be read. Our Director is on a cruise to Alaska, and is blissfully unaware of the problems. Hopefully they will all be abated by the time she gets back.

Our weather here turned from Summer to Fall overnight. We had record high temps...30 degrees over normal, and yesterday it got down into the 40's overnight...30 degrees BELOW normal. I would not be surprised to see a frost before October. August and September are usually our dry months, but we had over an inch of rain in a few hours yesterday, along with thunderstorms, wind and hail. SOOOO not normal here. Even a small tornado touched down. JEEZ!!!

Bob and Tim are working on my woodpile. Then moved it, laid ground cover, built wood ricks and moved the wood back. Today I get a tdruck load of gravel to put over the ground clothe to keep the weeds out of the wood pile! Looks really good. I have another cord of wood coming next weekend, now I need to find some cut split and cured fir/hemlock to go along with the alder. Alder burns too fast, and does not put out the heat that the resin filled evergreens do. And Hemlock bark makes GREAT coals to bank over night!!

OOPS gotta go...gravel is here...


Brenda said...

We have a new computer fixer upper in town, He tuned up Jerri's puter and it's like a new puter now. Wish you lived closer.

It's been much cooler here than our usual Augusts too, 88 today, normally it's 98 or more. And Faye has been throwing us some showers.

Dick said...

I hope your connection problems get resolved soon. Computers can be very frustrating and usually when the problems are solved, they were really pretty minor. But that doesn't help when you have those problems.

Bobbie said...

Sounds like you're getting all ready for winter! My weather feels like winter tonight - cold and rainy! September better be better!!

omnipotentbenevolentempress said...

Tell Bob you need a new Mac mini.


I'll give you all the software you could ever need for it.

It'll make you swoon. And Bob will love trying to figure out how they made it so small!