Thursday, August 28, 2008

a friend FOUND

Amazing how this internet works...

When I first started blogging 5+ years ago, I was following a blog from a lady who lived on a mtn top in North Carolina. THey then moved off their Mtn. to the panhandle of Florida where they were converting their little cabin into their dream home/sanctuary. During a number of hurricanes, and computer problems. I lost track of her and her blog.

I FOUND her yesterday while reading one of my daily reads...PURELAND MOUNTAIN out of Japan. She had commented on Robert's latest post, and I happened to catch it.

Beth is her name, and her blog is SWITCHED AT BIRTH. I was thrilled!!! SHe has such wonderful FOOD on her blog, just makes your mouth water.

I LOVE finding old friends, even if I do have to go 1/2 way around the world to find them!!

It's a goodday. Swedish Meatballs for dinner andBlackberry Cobbler. All salvaged from the destruction in my freezer. found 2 #'s of Hamburger and a Pound of Italian Sausage, and a Bag of blackberries. the rest all got sent to the garbage can! (I HATE re-frozen ice cream!)


Sally said...

Hey - that's GREAT!! I'm happy for you. There's another one I sure wish we'd hear from. :(

Blackberry cobbler - YUM - and you know I'm on a durn diet!! :)

Brenda said...

That's great news Miz Marylou! I know how happy you were to find her.

I agree with Miz Sally, there are many that I miss, a couple the most.

Mary Lou said...

Yea, and you know who isnt answering emails anymore either. :(

Elizabeth (Beth) Westmark said...

Hey Mary Lou,

I was glad to find you again, too -- thanks -- but you know what? You told your readers about my yummy food pics and if they went to visit, the first thing they saw was a SNAKE! (But it was a live snake and he ran off into the woods -- no snake soup pictures, thank goodness.)

Anonymous said...

Finding friends is good. I'm just sorry that you can't find out anything about Leslie. And I wonder how the Texas Ocean Lover is?

Mary Lou said...

I think David just stopped because his life was getting confusing. His wife did not know that he blogged, and maybe he found a job and doesnt have time to blog anymore. Yeah, I miss him too. But of them all, I miss Leslie most. I wish she would answer my calls or emails.