Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday night date!

Every Friday Night for 24 years, Bob and I go somewhere, or do something, might even be pizza and a video at my house.

Last year we discovered that all the cruise ships leaving Seattle for ports around the world, go right by my house. I cant see them because of OTHER houses, but We go down to the boat launch and watch them go by. We call it our Friday Night Parade. Not all of them leave on Friday, some leave Thursday and some leave Saturday. And Lord only knows when they come back...

Used to be, in a much quieter era, that shipping news arrivals and departures were all printed in the paper so you could know what ship was under what flag, the cargo and the destination or origination. Not any more. With 9-11 came the HOMELAND SECURITY and all of that info was blocked from public view. Now mind you any homegrown "terrorist" could stand on the beach with a notebook or a recorder and get the times, just like we did.

We each have a pair of binoculars and we see if we can spot them coming around Long Point. The first one to spot one yells BOAT! and then we see how long it takes for them to get past us. Each boat is different, some BIG some smaller and the tides play into this equation also. I had never thought of it until I read Cindra's blog several years ago, when she posted pictures of her cruise liner to ALaska from Seattle. I thought..Gee I shoulda gone down and waved at her.

We sit and try to guess where each one is going, and wish we were on one.

My friend Rusty is taking ANOTHER cruise to Alaska on the 22nd, so I will go down to the beach and wave at her. and wish that we were going too.

Last week was my Hell you can tell by my lack of posting. I had a meeting every single night! Getting ready for PETER PAN auditions, Reading Plays for next season, and finalizing everything for this weekends COUPVILLE ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL. I volunteer for the weekend. Nothing exciting, just sit and mind the office phone, but it is portable so I can take it out on the sidewalk and sit there and crochet while I wait for it to ring and tell the person on the other end the times of the show. It is a needed position, and I get a free tee-shirt! KEWL!! We have over 220 vendors from all over the Northwest and it is in it's 45th year! (what is REALLY sad, is that I can remember the FIRST ONE!! yikes!!)

I was only able to go swimming one time last week, and I am in dire pain right now. I am going this afternoon, just to stretch out my back and hopefully un-pinch my Sciatic nerve again. I sure wish you could have them removed like you can in your teeth! If I was God, I sure would make us different! But then again, she probably DID, but evolution Screwed us up by putting us on two feet.

My Brother started his third course of Chemo last Wednesday and he has been so sick this time. He goes back in on Wednesday again for three more times, and then they will take a complete MRI/CT scan (?) and then make a decision on what to do next. He was told originally that he had 6 months to three years, and he has made it almost 10 months!! Hang in there Baby Bro...I Love you so much!!!


Brenda said...

Wonderful news about Mike!

I would love to be able to sit by the water and watch boats go by. I love that photo of the cruise liners all in a row going past.

You will take photos at the Arts and Crafts festival, won't you?

Hope your week is less busy and your pain eases some.

Tabor said...

Sounds like a wonderful Friday date night, watching the cruisers. Something that makes you slow down in life. I send the best of wishes for your brother.

Cindra said...

That sounds like a great date! I have envied you your life in that beautiful part of the world. So much to see around you.

You are one busy woman! Your island is on my list of places to visit. so beautiful. Maybe I can catch a play!

jazzi said...

We'll keep cheering for your brother!

Watching the ships go by sounds fun! I would enjoy that myself.

I hope your back feels better soon!

jazzi said...

We'll keep cheering for your brother!

Watching the ships go by sounds fun! I would enjoy that myself.

I hope your back feels better soon!

CJ said...

First of all... sounds like your brother is in there for the fight and that's a good thing. The chemo treatments can be so exhausting, it literally will drain the life out of you, unless you have the stamina to "hang in there". Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

Now Ms Mary Lou, why oh why don't you and Bob plan a cruise? Some of those "group" cruises they offer aren't really that expensive. Can you say Group Discount?

In the meantime, I envy the hell out of you for being able to stand and watch the ships come in/go out, so to speak. That in itself has to be VERY exciting and something I would enjoy to the max.

For the record... if I was God, I would have made us different too. I would have given us a couple of more arms/hands and another brain or two, so as when one is busy thinkin', the other one could guesstimate what was going to happen next. *laughs*

Anonymous said...

Wow! You live in such a fantastic place. I would love to be able to watch those ships go by.

I'm praying for Mike. Hope things turn out well tomorrow.

And hope you're feeling better. I certainly know what it's like to struggle with a back problem.

Mary Lou said...

if you click on the boats they get really big and then you can see that I photoshoped them to get them al in line!!! tee hee

Joy Des Jardins said...

Waving all the cruise ships Bon Voyage...Cool Mary Lou. I would have put my bid in for you to wave my daughter's ship when she sailed off in June had I known you were so dependable.

I'm sorry your back is still giving you such headaches sweetie. My friend was having a problem with her sciatic nerve too...she was going bonkers too. And...lots of hugs to your brother who has dealt with his share of pain and exhaustion big time. Bless his sweet soul. Hugs to you Mary Lou....and your beautiful spirit....

Anji said...

I'll stand on the beach and wave to you but you'll have to look behind you and our Island is in the way. - Oh and you'll probably be asleep.

I've been thinking of you all, it must be hard fo you all but he's got to ten months!

bill/prairie point said...

Back when I went on dates, we used to go to the shore and watch the "submarine" races.