Saturday, September 01, 2012

These two men are the absolute joy of my life.  My son, and His son, at Patrick's first ball game.  I love this photo of the two of them. 


Anji said...

I missed this post.

I'm sorry to hear that such a terrible illnes is making your life a misery. Dom's fiancé's father has something similar. He has three lovely grown up sons and won't speak to them at all. Dom's fiancé is thinking of taking our name when they marry. It's so sad


Mary Lou said...

Yes Anji it is awful! My son is trying so hard to keep peace, but she just will not go to the Dr. I am sorry to hear about Dom's fiance's Dad. It is somewhat rare to have this manifest itself in a male. the good thing is that it usually goes away around age 50 or so, if I live that long. Meanwhile, I see Patrick once every few months.
and you did not miss the post, I did not post it right away, and I waited unsure whether I should, then posted it back aways so if she did find my blog she would see the rest and not this one.