Friday, September 07, 2012

Mary Lou I Need help!

 So was the voice on the other end of the phone as I answered My SIster's call.  I need to know how to feed a week old kitten.  What?  where?  How?  I asked.  She said that 2 little boys found these kittens with their eyes just barely open in the weeds behind the fence. 

THey Knew Phyllis was a sucker for stray cats, so they took them to her. She called me because she knows that I have fostered kittens before.
 I immeddiately dropped what I was doing and rushed over to her house.  I could her the babies yelling for their mom as soon as I got out of the car.  I knew that if Mom was anywhere around, she would be there licketty split.  But she wasn't.  I thought that since there was only two of them that maybe Mom was moving her litter from here to there, but No Mom showed up. 

 I took the babies home with the help of her neighbors, who had run to walmart and purchsed bottles and formula for them.    They were so SMALL!  they both fit into my hand.  Every 4 hours, they had to be fed, and cleaned!  Yep, Momma cat licks their little bottoms so they will poop and pee.  I did not know that!
I got paper towels and baby wipes and made formula and every four hours they would wake me up to be cared for.  THey were weak, so I took them to the vet, and 144.00 later, I took home two baby kittens, who were de-fleaed, de-wormed, and had eye drops in their eyes!  He weiged them and said that they may not make it, but try.  I did.
 A month later, I have two adorable 5 week old babies, full of life, full of orneryness, and full of shit!  I have them pottie trained, and I just yesterday took them off of formula, and they are now eating Kitten chow, and Fancy Feast Breakfast, twice a day.  They do not like the water dish, but they are getting used to it. 
 Every morning after they have their breakfast, I get them and bring them into my bed with me while I drink a cup of coffee and wait for the sun to leave my window and go over the house. 
 They snuggle, they play, they attack feet and fingers, and they drive theirt big sister and Brothers crazy.
 LIttle Rosie has the strangest fur.  It is about 3 inches long, but it is really curly under neath, looks like she is missing patches of fur, but she isnt! 
 She also goes really limp when I pick her up.  Almost like she has died.  SHe hasnt, just goes reallly limp like a rag doll.  (hrmmm)
 Her brother is the biggest one of them.  He is a siamese marked kitten with tons of energy!  He has helped her a lot!  He shows her where to potty and how to eat.
 Rosie is going to have green eyes, but Fred (flintstone) is going to keep he beautiful blue ones.
 A firend of mine will take him home in a week, and he will meet his brother George (Jetson) and his other brother who I dont know.
 I will keep Rosie, as Kittens are my most favorite thing in the whole world.  And after all the hours I have put into helping her live, I dont want her to go to a stranger. 
 Could you give up this darling little face?

 Please people, Spay and Neuter your cats as soon as they are old enough and for GOD's sake if you have any feelings for them at all , keep them in the house!  Do not let them out where they will catch diseases and be Coyote Lunch, or fight with Raccoons.
Take them to the Vet and have them fixed.  Rosie and Fred will not have babies, they will be fixed in about two months.  Then they will remain indoor cats and be happy until they go on across the Rainbow bridge, hopefully after a long life!


Rain Trueax said...

Beautiful kittens and such a heartwarming story. The 'nicest' people do not spay their cats and it really means they are not that nice. We used to have them come over from a neighbors because when they bought their home, they had a lot of nearly feral outdoor cats. They did the job right and had them all eventually neutered. It's not cheap and it's not easy when a cat is a barn cat, but if it's yours, it is the right thing to do.

Sally said...

Well, Mary Lou, I don't know if you remember that I'm not a cat person. BUT, this just broke my heart; poor babies with no mama. You are a saint, truly. And, after looking at Rosie I think I'd become a cat lady too!!

Wonderful story.

edtNZ said...

Nice kittys. Good to have you back blogging Mary Lou, I have missed your posts. Regards from a wet cool spring day in New Zealand.

Anji said...

They are so sweet!

You are an Angel. You're right, they should be neutered - every kitten should be a wanted kitten.

I'm pleased you get to keep one of them.

ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for over two years.

Anji said...

I've come back again, just to look at your lovely pictures of them...

Donna said...

They both are Precious Mary Lou!!
You did Good!!!

Brenda said...

They are just so, so, precious!!

Dick said...

You did good. Once while I was a kid we ended up feeding and taking care of small baby kittens and you are right, it is a lot of work. Mixing the formula, using those very tiny baby bottles, cleaning them. But it is a worthwhile endeavor.