Monday, February 14, 2011


Well the Show has ended! We struck the set last night and will unload the truck this evening. It is so SAD to see something that you have lived with for 3 months get torn down to the bare walls. Our set was SO PRETTY! now it is just bare black walls! SIGH!

The cast was amazing, and there was a reason that they got cast as they did, THEY JUST FIT! they still do, and they are so sad to see it end. It is for the good though, because now they can get back to their lives and move on to bigger and better things. I have a Drama that I want to Direct, but that may not happen for awhile, and unless there is something I am really passionate about, I will not direct again. I am TIRED! I am putting over 40 hours a week into volunteering, and not getting paid a cent. But that is what volunteering is all about. Giving back to the communitee. Thanking them with your talents for the things they gave to you. I get a lot of satisfaction out of it, but I am tired, so I am pulling back just a bit.

Our next big production is ANNIE, which I am producing, and MURDER IN THE MAGNOLIAS which I am doing nothing but the photography for. AHHHH!

I am producing (kinda) our Season Preview in March, but all of that is things I can do from home. With Gas expected to hit 5.00 a gallon by summer, I NEED to stay home! I cant afford that! JEEZ!!

My Kitten Gracie, is growing like a weed, but still a little sweetheart, and WIlls my 10 month old kitten thinks I brounght her in just for him. HE ADORES her! They play so cute together. Sadie just sighed and said oh crap another baby to raise. She is really good with them all. After all she was raised by cats, she does not know she is a dog!


Herman said...

All the work is done for a while and now it's time to relax and enjoy the company of your pets.

Anji said...

Have a really good rest.

I'm sure that Annie will be brilliant. What do they say about working with kids?

Hope to see some more pictures of Gracie soon

Granny Annie said...

I can only imagine the type of exhaustion you must feel after one of these amazing productions. Enjoy your well deserved rest before the next.

Joan said...

You need a rest after all that. I would like to keep busier too but I have been in a winter slump.

Brenda said...

Well deserved rest I think. I know you're appreciated beyond words Miz Mary lou!

NJ said...

I understand something about a completed project. There is the ambivalence, satisfaction of a job successfully completed and the emptiness of saying good-bye to the routine of working on it. Looking forward to doing another project is the best way to deal with it.

You have a nice selection of pets!

cal said...

Hi Mary Lou

Just wanted to let you know I have moved blogs to Haven't blogged for awhile but might take it up again now!

Dick said...

Pat & I came to Oak Harbor on the last day of your production to see it and very much enjoyed it. A good job by all. And the theater is nice & cozy. I learned since we were there that my cousins who live in O.H. are season ticket members of your group- they saw The Philadelphia Story on opening day.

I would encourage any of your readers who can go to see one of these productions to do so.

Mary Lou said...

well thank you dick. glad to see you there, hope to see uyuo more often. Who are your cousins? I have lived here most of my life i might know thrm.the next one starts in april, a farcical comedy, I will let you know.