Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flying saucer lands in Oak Harbor!

A Flying saucer has been seen flying over the Whidbey Playhouse as of late! Word has it that it is inhabited by an alien buxom aviatrix named ZOMBINA played by Amanda McCartney. Terrorizing earth and looking for he-specimens to re-populate her planet X she has ZOMBIFIED Major Malone (Nathan McCartney) and his right-hand man and Russian spy Rick Jones (Meiko Parton). Trenton Corbet (Wes Ralston) is the Young Astronaut trying to save the Probe Seven experiment from total destruction. Alas, he too is ZOMBIFIED . Major Malone’s daughter Mary (Caitlen Lewis), and his man-hungry secretary Charlene Osmanski (Mary K Hallen) along with the lovable Billy, the Tap dancing delivery boy,(Allen Young) create a cacophonous noise on the roof of the Probe Seven Control Room confronting Zombina and her Zombettes. They try to destroy the secret weapon that she keeps in her throat. Her extremely high and obnoxious voice. This Musical Comedy spoof on the 1950’s space movies is a wacky, zany production! The soundtrack may sometimes be off a bit, and the dialogue is really corny, but this is after all a spoof. A hilariously funny and toe-tapping take on the beginning of the Atomic space age. Tickets are 16.00 for all seats and reservations can be made by calling 360-679-2237. Directed by Mary Lou Chandler, Assisted by Kent Peckenpaugh, Produced by Rusty Hendrix, The Vocals Directed by Nathan McCartney and the dance routines by Daunne Zinger and K. Sandra O’Brien, This is one not to be missed!!! Show opens September 11 and runs weekends through October 3, 2009


NJ said...

I had never heard of this play. It does sound like a romp. Doing community theater should be a lot of fun, as well as hard work. I'd come to this if I was in your area. I'm glad you're still doing community theater! NJ

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