Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back again!

No I did not do it. I sure do want to though, and the one really steep field still has the bales on it. They are cutting for the second time in the lower fields! I still have a chance. COward that I am, I probably will let this chance go right by me.

The Coupeville Festival is through for the year. We had GREAT weather, and lots of people! the vendors were happy about the way they were treated by our volunteers, and the customers were happy with the selection, and the volunteers were happy with the way it all went together. YAY!!! I have no clue how much we brought in, and probably will not until the Board Meeting. But It should be close to last year, if the vendors are correct! They all said they did better than last year, I know I spent about 200.00 and Sherry spent 100.00 also.

I have Suessical THe Musical in the can, and now I am searching high and low for a piano player. Our piano player for ZOMBIES, quit on the second day. SWELL!!!So once again I am beating the bushes looking for an accompanist. It should not be this hard! THe cast is great, and their dancing is ready, and they are almost throguh with their music, so all we have to do now is block and practice!

I am STILL waiting for Broadstripe to get here and fix my internet. GRRRRRRRRRR. I HATE waiting.


Dick said...

I hear there is quite a car show this next weekend in your neighboring city of Oak Harbor. I just may wend my way down there to check them out.

We saw that Susical show a couple of years ago at McIntyre Hall and it was very good. There sure are a lot of kids in that production!

Brenda said...

Did you take pictures of all the goodies you bought? I hope you find a piano player.

Herman said...

Poor piano player :-)
I hope you will find a good one. Geee, your hard as a rock. :-)