Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Passing the Turkey platter!

Beings as how I have the biggest house, and I am the oldest, I have always held Thanksgiving here. Last Year Phyllis wanted to go to the community center with her church, and ended up here.

This Year, Donna has offered to cook for Bob and I and Tim at HER house, so Phyllis and Sherry and Mike can go do their thing without feeling bad about not coming to my house this year.

Actually it works out GREAT, as I will be right in the middle of Peter Pan and will be really busy not to mention TIRED.

Donna's Husbands boss always gives them a turkey for thanksgiving, so all that she will need to do is stuff it in the oven, and cook the potatoes, and I can bring the rest! COOL!!!

I kinda feel bad about NOT having family over, but they say they wanted to go eat with the community center, so there ya go! I will still do my Killer Prime Rib Roast for Christmas dinner though. Already have it in the freezer!!

Bob brought me over 2 boxes of fuji apples and 2 boxes of anjou pears to put up, so I had better get busy huh!

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Brenda said...

I don't even like the holidays anymore. Holidays were always a big thing in our family, not so much for James's.

Sally said...

The turkey platter was passed directly from Mom to my daughter. This year? We're still too sad to even think about it. But, I'm happy for you! :)

omnipotentbenevolentempress said...

I say we invite the anonymous lurker to dinner. HE can talk politics and conspiracy theories with Bill and Bob!

Rain said...

I am interested in fixing a turkey this week-end, just to get myself ready for the holiday season, of course!