Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Fantasy begins...

Well We finally have most of the main character costumes done and they look good...All except for Peter pan who looks like he is wearing a basketball uniform. OOPS!! That is being changed! amazing how one person's vision gets twisted in another person's mind! And Nana the dog is made of STRIPED fur. Ever seen a tabby DOG? Neither have we. But we will live with it...Our ostrich and our Lion are still not done yet...WAHHHHH!!! but we have a very forgiving Press up here, and since tonight is technically still an official rehearsal, we can go forward. The Press will be here and the cast families. We still have a week to go before opening night. By then everything will magically come together and no one will knoe just how hard a very few people have worked to make this happen. SOme of us are close to the breaking point, but we will all make it!!

Now to just get those tickets sold!!!!


Brenda said...

The Pirate looks fantastic! Peter looks a little like he's wearing scrubs but I know he's Peter. Great work Miz Mary lou!

Phyllis said...

It will go fine.
I sure know how hard you worked, but then you enjoy doing that.
Now if only we can find something for you to do that you will get PAID for!!

NJ said...

You're still working on plays, how neat! I agree with Phyllis. It would be good to get paid for some of your volunteer activities. You do work hard for them.

I've lost my blog! Ben stopped making the blog space available and I haven't found another place. I do post on as Janenancy, but you have to sign up to get there. However, it's free, you just have to join.

I miss blogging on a regular basis.


jazzi said...

I don't know how you do it!

Dick said...

If you need more basketball type uniforms I'll bet there are a lot of old Seattle SuperSonics uniforms available down in Seattle. Just a thought.