Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter at Tim and Mistie's

 Owen and Patrick discovering what the Easter Bunny had brought for them.  THey had just finished dying eggs.
 And now Daddy/poppy is hiding them so the boys can find them.
 Patrick isnt too keen on this.  Last year the eggs were plastic and had chocolate in them.
 This year they were just boiled eggs!

 Owen really does love to dress up in costumes.  Maybe he is going to be an actor?

 Sitting in the sand box that has no sand in it yet.  It is really cute, the benches fold over the top to keep the stray cats from using it!  CLEVER yes?

A parade of one entry.  but at least they were brought down where Mimi (me) was sitting.  Now I could get some cool pics of the boys all decked out for Easter.

Tim cooked a ham, and we had a light brunch.  Ham, rolls and potato Salad!  I really liked this.  family time, and I did not have to cook!  COOL!

Now I am off today to their house again, so Mistie can have some alone time in the hot bath.  I told her to have some candles, a bottle of Bailey's and some fresh coffee then head to the tub for as long as she wanted.  Should be fun!


Anji Knutsen said...

I think I'd be disappointed with hard boiled eggs too. They are a lovely pair of boys.

What a good M-I-L you are - a whole bottle of Bailey's!!

I don't know if you knew Alan (Lost in a World Awhirl). He's only got a few days left. Just letting you know incase you did know him and wanted to say goodbye. he lost a lot of readers in recent years so I'm letting everyone I can think of know.

Sally said...

So so cute! That really is an awesome sand box; very clever.

I guess Owen lives with them now? Is he Mistie's grandson? I can't remember everything, heck I hardly remember anything. :)