Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas...

Patrick is three years old, hasn't the time flown by?  He is a smart little devil, He can work his Mom's Kindle, and play the games, He has a Leap Pad that he can work, and Lord love a duck, they bought him a playskool digital camera that takes 22 MP jpegs!  and he knows how to work it!  UNREAL!  Kids now-a-days are born into a MUCH different world than I was.  I think I was born in the best of times.  We still had the family values and simple lives, As I was born just after WWII.  1946.  and just as I was becoming an adult, the techno-age was born.  So I was able to get in on the learning curve for that also!  But I will never be as computer-literate as Patrick will be, as he will have had the great fortune of growing up with it. 
I went up to Tim's house in Lynden, WA for Their Christmas Day.  ANd it was wonderful!  I got to watch as they opened his presents,  and see what kids now want for Christmas.  His Parents both believe in toys that allow the child to use his imagination.  so he got wooden building blocks, and a wooden train set with interlocking tracks, and bridges.  It was really amazing, watching him open the pkgs and know immediately what to do.  There was Dad reading the instructions, and Patrick  who JUST turned Three, picking up the pieces and going for it,.  He knew what he wanted, and when Daddy tried to build it one way, Patrick took it away and showed him how HE wanted it. 

Tim cooked a Christmas Brunch, ham and deviled eggs and rolls, and it was WONDERFUL!  I have not spent Christmas away from my home before, and it was GREAT!  No stress on my part, and just Family!

We got home just as the sun was setting, and the clouds were parting to show the sun hit the water.  THey Bridge was lined with People all waiting for the magic moment when the sky would turn a vivid Orange, then Red, then Purple, then light the entire underside of the clouds.  ALmost like it was planned! 

Today I am cleaning the house (AGAIN), and getting ready for tomorrow.  Trying to get this family all in one place at the same time is like trying to herd cats!  SOMEONE is always having to work.  So My Dinner which is usually on Christmas Day, will be on the Saturday after the holiday.  (tomorrow)  MOST of them will be able to make it.  Sherry's New husband Charlie, works at Boeing, and they are on a hard push to get their 787's out the door and to the line.  So he will be working.  Tim works at a shipyard, and they have three barges all lined up to sandblast and paint, and then they will have a USCG Cutter waiting in the wings for it's turn, so THEY are all working overtime, and trying to get it all done on time.  Donna, would be working but her husband just had a pace maker put in, so she took off to be with him, so She and Bill will both be here, so When Tim gets off work, he will be down, Sherry will come without Charlie, and we will all be together for PRIME RIB! 

I can't believe this two days in a row I actually posted!  Let's see how long this lasts!  I am not promising anything!  But I will try.  I miss you all.  maybe I can still get some of you back!  Anji and Brent you two seem to have stuck with me.  Thank You!  Now if I can just find Leslie and Carl again!

Merry Christmas!


Sally Crowe said...

He's such a little sweetheart, adorable. And, I know you treasure every moment spent with him. It's funny how we can feel like heck, and they just somehow bring us such joy we kind of forget in those times what's going on with us. I wish he lived closer to you which I'm sure you do also.

Take care, Mary Lou.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mary Lou!! I searched out your blog and just happened to find this post -- thought I'd leave you a big squishy hug and a kitty purr from Frodo, our latest rescue cat. Carl says hi too. :-) I hope 2015 is really good to you.


edtNZ said...

Good to have you back blogging :) Its nearly new year here in New Zealand. Complements of the season.

Tine said...

so beautiful ... happy holidays ML

Anji Knutsen said...

I'm so pleased that you got to see Patrick open his presents. Hope that your family dinner went well too. Happy New Year!