Sunday, August 18, 2013

Patrick's first fair!

Dont know how I got the tulips in there... oh well they are pretty!
Patrick and his Mommie Mistie at the Lynden Fair!

First merry go round ride.
I think somebody is tired and cranky!

Cooling off in the leakey hose!
Daddy and Patrick riding the cars at the fair!

I cant see you!
He looks really tired!
Seeing his first pig!

I think that little boy needs some red hair, dont you?  My Mother would have been in heaven if she was still alive.  She always wanted a red headed grandson.


Sally said...

I just love seeing Patrick, Mary Lou. He's such an adorable little boy, and the red hair is awesome! I had two cousins with red hair.

As much as we love seeing them as they grow; they grow up too fast!! Darn it, my oldest GREAT granddaughter start 2nd grade tomorrow! Unbelievable! :)

Thanks for sharing your precious grandson; he's precious!

Anji Knutsen said...

Hasn't he grown! Lovely pictures, as always.