Saturday, March 16, 2013

Patrick at 15 months

 Patrick is getting so grown up.  I have not seen him in almost 6 months.  His mommie and I are not on the same planet, and until we are, I can not see him.  She does not know about this blog, so I can post pictures of him here and be safe.  I Hope.  I surely do not want to get in any more trouble.

 His Mommie is learning how to play and edit her pictures with her new Nikon Camera.  Some pictures may be the same pose, but she is doing some editing to them.

 The first shoes he has worn!  and he is not too sure about them

 Birthday cake!  Cant you tell?

 Tim took the eagle pictures when he went to kodiak on a job.

I just LOVE that little boy.  I wish I could see him every day!


Anji said...

He's growing fast. They are lovely pictures and I see that he is a good boy and 'helps' his Daddy.

At least from these you know that he is a happy boy.


Donna said...

I don't know what happened but it saddens me Anytime a good grandparent isn't "allowed" to see their granbaby...It's just not right for a parent to use a child for emotional blackmail...
Praying it all works out for you MaryLou...

Sally Crowe said...

Oh, Mary Lou, he is so darn cute! i'm so sorry you can't be with him, that is really sad!

I love the ones with Tim; now, that is one happy daddy!

Maybe things will get better soon, I sure hope so for both you AND Patrick.

Joan said...

Loveya... hope it all works out.

edtNZ said...

Cute Pics, TY for sharing. Regards from a DRY autumn evening here in NZ, drought times, praying for rain.

Brenda said...

He's so handsome Miz Mary lou!! I wish you could see him every day too!! I feel for you and know some of that you're feeling. ((hugs))