Friday, October 19, 2012

My sweet Patrick....

 Learning how to eat with utensils!  He has been nursed since birth and is almost a year old.
                                       THe newest American Idol contestant...dont ya think?
                                                       Not too happy with this costume thing
                                                                 Liking the rice and green beans
                      His Mommie's companion dog, and obviously she has decided that Patrick is no threat to her.
                                                            First Chocolate Cupcake!
                                                      He loves sleeping on his daddy!
                                                       Hey there!  wanna take a bath with me?
                                                  Such a messy boy
This is Patrick in his 2nd Halloween costume!  Last year he was 1 week old, and they put him in a monster costume and he was a little doll!  He will be a whole Year old next THursday.  and he has gotten so BIG>


Rain Trueax said...

What a sweetie. He's a doll for sure. Looks bright and like he has a good temperament too

Bobbie said...

He is so sweet! The year has gone by so quickly. I see he wears his amber necklace - my one year old granddaughter has one too!

Dick said...

Last weekend we went to the first birthday party for Pat's first Great-Grandson who's birthday was this past week. That is a fun age for kids. It is fascinating for us to watch them with their interest in everything. Your photos look good.

Mary Lou said...

Bobbie, I had never heard of those necklaces before, but they seem to work. But then I have not heard of most of the things they have for babies now days!

Anji said...

I'll have to look those necklaces up now.

Did you take these pictures Mary Lou?

He's a lovely boy

Mary Lou said...

No ANji I did not. His mother or father took them.

cassie-b said...

so cute!