Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hang on Baby!

I just found out by reading facebook, that my daughter-in-law and Son rushed to the Labor/Delivery room because she was having problems. Patrick is not due for 10 more weeks! I woke up this morning and felt like there was something wrong. I checked every door, walked the dog outside to see if there was anyone in the yard, came in and fixed a cup of tea and checked my email and computer, and thought I was just being paranoid, so I went back to bed.

Woke up at 730 same thing. Knew there was something wrong, even said, Please Patrick, be ok for Grandma. and shrugged it off. All day I have felt reason, but thought of the baby several times.

I finally got a short nap in, woke up feeling much better, came in here and read my face book, to find out that The baby's heart rate had dropped really low, and he was in distress. THey were in there all day, I am 1.5 hours away, and I did not get a call.

My first Grandchild, my only Son, and I did not get a call. I can kind of understand not calling during the crisis, but they are all home now, and she had time to get on the computer and post on facebook. Tim could have called me. I think I am going to cry! Hurts! a LOT!


Anji said...

I hope that everything is going fine for them. Perhaps they didn't want you to worry?

I didn't tell either Grandma when we thought that Olivier might have been a Downs Syndrome baby. There was nothing they could do.

Don't think the worse of them, they probably thought they were protecting you from the worry

Sally said...

Oh my, that sucks. But, I'm glad they're back home which hopefully means little Patrick is okay.

Hang in there, Mary Lou.

Mary Lou said...

Thanks Guys! but no, They just did not think about either of us MOTHERS. I guess both of us gave it to them with both barrels when we got ahold of them. Thanks for letting me vent here. (They dont read this :) )

keewee said...

geez Mary Lou, kids can be so thoughtless. I remember I was at times (much to my shame) and my own kids were too.
I am glad they are back home and I hope all goes well here on out.

nj said...

I can understand your feeling hurt over this and I know I would feel hurt, too, but I guess we have to face the fact that today's generation really does spread the word on FB and not in personal phone calls. We aren't tied to cell phones, texting and FB which is so easy for them. Surely they meant no insult to you, but you, like I am, are used to, and expecting, some personal contact about important events.

Think about what has happened to thank you! I am stopping birthday presents to my older grandkids because there's no contact, no thank you. But it turns out that they are no different from most others of their generation. We're just expected to know that they got the gift whether they tell us or not. We try to understand, but we hurt.

I hope you feel better now. I know you are loved.

cassie-b said...

first - I'm glad things seem to be ok. And I hope they continue being fine
And I have to say, families do those kind of things. My daughter-in-law was in the hospital for an overnight a couple of weeks ago, and I never heard till the emergency was over. And I know they love me. Sometimes they just don't think.

Dick said...

They are young and still learning how involved Grandparents very quickly get with their Grandkids. It sounds like Patrick is doing okay now. One of my DILs had to pretty much go to bed rest for the last three months but Katie is fine and almost 11 now. Modern medicine can do wonders even before they are born.

Rain said...

It's the nature of that generation. I learn a lot about my kids from facebook. I don't think it's about love. It's about a different generation.