Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Debt!

Right now I am so disgusted with our government. ALL Of them. I have been saying for over a year, that we need to pick a panel of disinterested (meaning non-partisan, non pac-paid non re-elect me)people to sit down with the budget and a deadline and come up with a balanced budget. Yes i know it will end up hurting the taxpayers some. But to be fair, it should hurt ALL of the tax payers to the same %! if what is agreed upon hits my gross at 10% then it should hit EVERYONE's Gross at 10%. If they are doing business outside of the US, then there should be a 25% penalty. What I mean by that is, if you are having your goods made by off shore bodies. Bring those jobs back to the US. Yes, the price of buying goods made in the USA will go up, but if we want it, we will pay for it. And If we have a job, then we can.

Diane Sawyer on WOrld News Tonight, showed a group of people from various walks of life sit down and agree to a plan that would allow the economy to grow, jobs to be created, items to be taxed, and everyone to have a share in the pain. I make 42,000 dollars a year, I am comfortable, but I do live on the edge. If I were to lose even a portion of that, ie: Social Security, I would have to give up a lot. No more volunteering, costs me gas money, no more trips in to the store for something I forgot.

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