Monday, January 17, 2011

rehearsals continued,

This was the first rehearsal where almost everyone had a costume. They should all be there by tomnorrow night, but most of the women had them tonight. THe timing is a little off tonight, but for the most part it is just tweaking the lights and adding a few paint drops to a flat. Tomorrow we get to start cleaning the place up and getting it ready for an audience. Everyone was there tonight, and it works so well when they are all on. A little frivolity but that is good. It means the cast is relaxed and ready. Tomorrow I buckle down and will not interupt them at all to see how long the show will run.

This has been such a wonderful ride. This cast is AMAZING! Dick, you and Pat are gonna have to forgo a Sunday afternoon and drive over and see it. It will be worth your time. But get your tickets early as we are expecting these to go fast!


Tine said...

I really love the decoration and costumes. Great pictures!

Granny Annie said...

Hooray! Here you go again. This looks like it will be another smash hit. Love the scenery.

I have to tell you that just glancing at your post the words "AMAZING Dick" jumped out at me. LOL

Mary Lou said...

Granny Annie! LOLOLOL

Anji said...

great pictures. I wish I could come, I loved the film too.