Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year. Or the longest night...It has always been a comforting day for me. Don't know why, but I always want to just stay home and zone all day. It is 3:20 PM and already is getting dark. Then of course it is raining like hell too. Might have snow tonight, mixed with the rain of course.

I have not seen the squirrels in several weeks, they must hibernate, although they were out two years ago playing in all the snow! I wish the sky was clear, so I could look at the moon. I Love a crystal clear, cold still winter's solstice, with all the stars sparkling and the moon a waxing crescent! Been so long since I saw it, I THINK it is that phase now! But then a really full moon on winter's Solstice is pretty too, shing and lighting the woods like a spotlight! So we will be still for a day or so, and then start our tilt to the South, and the days will get longer and longer. Of course those of you in the Southern Hemisphere may be sad, because your days will get shorter and colder! THat must be strange.

I have to go swim, then run to rehearsal and read several parts, as two people will not be there tonight. (GRR) Then Tomorrow I take the car in for a tune up and a detail. (The other 1/2 of my CHristmas Present. Poor Bob had no idea how much this was all going to cost when he mentioned it, but when I said hey, you dont have to do this and I mean it, he said he rides in that car too, and he wants to make sure everything works right. Bless his sweet heart! He is A keeper.

I just about have all my shopping done. I need to find something for TIm, and I have no CLUE what to get him. He could probably use money, so I might just do that. He is now living with Mistie, and she has all of her stuff up here, so I dont think they need any household stuff. SHe seems to be helping him stay clean and sober, and he seems happy! So go for it! She is divorced, and has children, although not with her, and is a devote Mormon, so does not drink or drug! If he is happy and safe, that is all I want!


Rain said...

That's great about Tim. Happy Solstice. It's my favorite time also because we have made it through the long hard haul to get here and spring is ahead :)

Brenda said...

The best thing about Winter Solstice is that the days will be long from now until June.

Merry Christmas Miz Mary lou!

Anji said...

Yes the days will get longer now. just January and February to get through.

I'm pleased to hear that Tim is settling well. We always give our children money now they are older, that way no disappointment.

Joan said...

I just stopped in the wish you a Merry Christmas! Did I tell you I'm retiring in April..whoooohooo. I'll need some tips on how to stay busy like you.

Cal said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Christmas.

cassie-b said...

Have a wonderful Christmas.
And I'm always glad when the days begin getting longer.