Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy, Busy busy!

Where has this year GONE? I cant believe that Nov is already 1/2 over and I have not even racked my lawn from August. As usual it has been raining here, and windy, and BLEAK! Typical Fall weather. But it has not been really cold yet. no frost that I can tell.

I had my first Board Meeting with the Whidbey Playhouse Sunday night, and I did a show and tell on the poster restoration that I have been doing, They were amazed!!!
one of my readers here, Karen Twitty-Hartlieb whom I have never met, has offered to start a donation to the playhouse strictly for the restoration and framing of theses posters. THe Board was in awe that someone that DOes not know us would be willing to do that. THey said they would earmark all funds that came in labeled for poster restoration for just that purpose. WHAT A NEAT THING! I was just doing it because I wanted to, and doing them a few each month. This now makes it official! THANK YOU KAREN FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON!

GODSPELL 1980 Before and after

Camelot 1979 Before and after

The big gray squirrels have found the feeders again, so Schroeder has something to chatter at our my window. I do not let him nor Loki outside at all. THey are inside wussie babies. Big bad nasty things out in the woods, eat cats! So mine each have a window they lay in and watch the wildlife.

Last weekend Bob and I went down Island to W.I>C.A. to see ROcky Horror Picture Show. it was done live and it was a hoot! We dressed casually but everyone else was dressed like the show...transvestites, monsters, weird people. It was more fun watching the audience than the show. We sat in the front row, so needless to say, we were drenched, and covered with confetti! It was fun though. Everyone needs to see it twice in their lives. Once to go see how it is done and the second time to participate! I did the time warp in my seat because my back was hurting so bad.

I have been doing a major spreadsheet for the Coupeville Festival, as we are getting ready to give away the money we made this summer. Our Grant allocation meeting is this Sunday. Man time is flying! I also have a Patron Gala to plan for December 12. and then the WPH Christmas party, then on with COver of Life. Which I am producing. I have some exciting news about next season, but we cant tell anyone yet! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE


Anonymous said...

Hope your back feels better sonn!

I was thinking the ole el nino was holding off the frost this year.

We've seemed to have our fair share of rain also.


keewee said...

Mary Lou you are doing a great job on the posters. I am jetting out of here for a couple of weeks to NZ to find some warmer weather. Pity I can't bring some back with me.

Anji said...

It's great news thay want to continue with the poster project. Dom was singing Rocky Horror Show songs all summer and I've never seen it!

What happened about the armchair Yoga?

Mary Lou said...

I still do chair Yoga, it is not sit on a folding chair on the edge of the seat, and do the poses, and the stretches. Feels soooo good!

Dick said...

Mary Lou, you seem to not have enough to do so I'll try to steer some more things your way. We can't have you bored, now can we?

Mary Lou said...

Dick....PHHHFFFTTTTT!!!! ;)

Anji said...

mary Lou, I sent you an email about a week ago, did you see it? (to the google address on the sidebar)

Mary Lou said...

Yes Anji I did! And I forwarded it on to the director of My Three Angels, and she LOVED it! Thank You!!!

Anonymous said...

OT, but don't want to use comments elsewhere as a forum.

Wow! 3 months seems like a very long time! With age/hindsight
I've often wondered if the immune response of this and various
other childhood 'stuff' is a contributer to the adult onset of DM.

Got 2 days on this old dude...
Sputnik was launched October 4, 1957 @ 19:28 UTC. I assume that
dateline etc applies. The U.S. would have been in Oct. 3, 1957.
No TV, listened to the beeping (PWM telemetry) on table top radio
as broadcast by WHO AM from Des Moines, IA.

Started spreading ~late September, 1957 in the CONUS. Sept. 30, 1957 Time magazine link:,9171,891377,00.html

Oppps! on the flu subtype. "Asian variety" H2N2 in 1957.

I've gotten all kinds of Wellness/Health literature lately recommending a flu shot, but usually only get one every 3-4 years as it sometimes makes
me have a "yuck" day for 24-36 hours. My employer will have a 'free' (sign a waiver) clinic @NBF in early December this year. I think this is the 'standard' vaccination shot.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Brenda said...

You are a busy, busy, lady Miz Mary lou. The posters look fantastic!!

I understand about your back pain and I sure hope it eases for you.