Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Corner turned...

Last week was hot and dry, this week was cooler and moist, and today it is COLD and WET! I think we have taken a turn around that weather corner, and have gone from summer into Fall. The leaves on my Maple tree have started to turn yellow on the west facing side. Soon they will all be on the ground, and have to be raked into piles and loaded into the back of Bob's pick-up, to be carted off to his mulch pile.

I woke up late this morning and it felt so good to be snuggled down under the blankets witha cold wind blowing in the window. Sometime during the night of restless sleep, I must have turned on the blanket, because I was toastey and sure did not want to move. Loki however had other ideas, and kept licking my face and purring into my mouth. MOM wake up!!! WE ARE HUNGRY. I expect that if I had not gotten up that they would have had ME for breakfast! Sadie maybe not, but I have no doubts that my cats would have eaten me starting with my nose!

I got up, fixed a pot of coffee, fixed another batch of zucchini bread, popped that into the oven, and went back to my bed to watch AFFAIR TO REMEMBER for the 35th time! I know that movie by heart.

THe show was WONDERFUL on Family and Press night, so they all got the holiday weekend off. All of the tech is done, the set is finished, the costumes are done and I only have three more portraits to take and then I AM DONE!!!! I almost cried because it was so good! I have put so many many many hours into this show, spending upwards of 8-10 hours a day trying to get all the tech just right, finding people to work backstage, setting the lights, sound, and tweeking everything. It is up to the cast now. My job is done. I have also turned a corner. I actually relaxed for the first time in MONTHS.

THe pool opens again on Tuesday, and Yoga starts up again on Tuesday morning, so I can get back to being healthy instead of stressed out.

My toe is sitting at a cock-eyed angle to the rest of my foot, and it hurts like hell, but it is not black anymore. Just bright CHerry red!

It is pouring rain and dark out and I heard a far off rumble in the distance, so I guess we may get some thunder and lightning. Very unusual for us. LOVE IT!!!



Rain said...

Sounds great that your play is going so well after so much worry and work.

It does seem like a corner has turned although down here it's not cold yet, just wet with a good kind of rain that should assure us no fires this fall *fingers crossed*

Donna said...

Wishing we had some of that cooler weather and rain here...Hope your toe isn't hurting much now!hughugs

omnipotentbenevolentempress said...

If your toe is at a cockeyed angle you probably need to go have it reset. So...GO HAVE IT RESET!!

cassie-b said...

Enjoy your rest. You've earned it. And I'm so glad things worked out so well. Only wish I could see your play.