Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching up

Just another picture from the play...Tiger Lily and the Henny Penny tribe...from PETER PAN

I have finally transcribed my 19 pages of notes from the Coupeville Festival Retreat and I used Office 2007. WOW!! I LOVE it!! so many easy things to do to make your pages look good. I have to have these printed for our meeting again in Dec. This is also the meeting that we award our 30,000 dollars of Grants to those individuals and organizations that applied and we thought were worthy. We had a lot of people apply for these grants, and it was very hard to say no to some of them, but then again, there were some that we all looked at and all did a thumbs down. There are rules to follow, and those that do not follow the guidelines, get denied. They are right there on the front of the application, and they STILL get it wrong.

I am learning a lot with this organization. Next time you go to a town festival, or a craft sale, or a city bazzaar, stop and think about what all goes on BEHIND the scenes by VOLUNTEERS in order to make it happen. Amazing what all you DONT hear about!

I am just about caught up with my book work, The Play has three more weeks to run, then it will be all torn down and the next one will go forward. Three months of hard work by a very few people, and once again, they are all VOLUNTEERS.

I am working harder volunteering than I did before I retired!! amazing isnt it?

My canning is all finished.
I cleaned my house.
I did all the laundry.
Bob raked all the leaves.
I finished the retreat notes.

I still have to finish the Lobby poster for PP.
take and do the Bio's photos and pages for the Christmas play.
Get the Meeting Minutes for the CFA finished.

I am still swimming, in fact I just bought three new suits in a size smaller than before! (swimming 6 hours a week does a number on a suit! they only last about 3 months, and then they fade and the elasticity fails.)

Little Miss Sadie-Bug is in the Doghouse!!! She was given a ham bone outside last evening, and last night or rather this morning, she pooped right in the middle of the hall way! Yep...I sure did...It was dark. She got yelled at, pitched outside, while I hobbled to get some toilet paper to get it off my foot, and then up off the floor. I was NOT happy! The last time she did this was last Christmas, when I gave her the boes and excess fat off the prime rib roast. I think I will not do that again. DAMN DOG!!! >:(

I have my oldest cat, Ethel, getting rid to leave this world. She is 16 and has lost almost all of her weight! She is losing hair like mad too, black fur everywhere! She has kidney failure, and will soon just die. I should take her in to have her put down, but she freaks really bad when I haul out the carrier, so I dont want her last minutes being fearful. She still purrs, and eats, and sleeps, and cuddles, but she now weighs only about 2 or 3 pounds...So sad. I will tell her story when she goes.

We ared having a very warm November. Flooding and rain, and wind, but so far, no frost. It got close the other night, but not yet. FOg though.

Well, I need to get busy and finish a few more things. Just wanted to post so you would not think I was gone forever. I'm not. I'm here. Just was really busy!

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Brenda said...

You've been a very busy lady! I love your catch up post and appreciate all the news about what's going on in your life on that beautiful island in Washington. ((hugs))

esther said...

Checked in on you, Mary Lou, to see what you're up to. This time of year is really busy for me also. I haven't been able to blog much but always enjoy it when I do. Glad to see you're enjoying so many hobbies.....retired life is great, isn't it?

catmomaj said...


Tabor said...

You are one busy lady and deserve a break, but it sounds as though you love being busy.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you're a busy lady! I got tired just reading your post. Love the photo from the play!

So so sorry about your old kitty.

Cal said...

I was wondering where you'd gone to but after reading this I'm not surprised you haven't posted for a few days!

Bobbie said...

You certainly have been busy, but it sounds like you love it!
Sorry to hear about Ethel. Have you had her for 16 years?
Nothing worse than stepping in something in the dark. With me it's usually a hairball. Yuck!!

Enjoy your week!

Anji said...

I'm exhausted reading that post. I've done the volunteering bit my self and it was hard work, but I really enjoyed it.I'm sorry to hear about Ethel, 16 is a good age for a cat.

Dick said...

So you do like Word 2007. I have it but have been kind of afraid to install it as I understand it is a lot different from the previous versions. I just bought a new computer that hasn't arrived yet so maybe that will be the machine to put it on. But I was able to stay with Windows XP Pro rather than having to go to Vista. My new laptop has Vista and I don't like it.

It is a good thing that you have retired or you wouldn't have enough time to do all that you do do. I keep adding new hobbies that all take time. But they are fun.

Anonymous said...

Do you really need to part with Ethel - if she's still able to eat and get about she sounds pretty happy. Sure, she's thin but does that mean she is suffering?

In the UK, vets will visit the house to do the deed - though you have to pay extra.

Good luck anyway,

Rain said...

Sorry about Ethel. If she's suffering, it's the last loving thing we can do for our pets.

Sounds like you have been very productive and busy. Glad all is going so well up there.

Anonymous said...

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